Riding the Bus or Van

Note:  FFWBC loves to be able to bring in kids from the community to participate in our services.  While riding the bus may be fun to you it can also be dangerous.  It is very important that you obey the rules outlined below so that you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.  Below is the list of things we expect from every youth riding one of our buses.

  1. No child can ride the bus without a bus form filled out by their parent.
  2. Children under the age of five must be accompanied by a parent.
  3. No heads and/or hands out the windows.
  4. Everybody must stay seated and facing the front of the bus.
  5. No cursing
  6. No loud speaking/yelling
  7. No hitting, kicking, or bullying other riders.
  8. No tablets, gaming systems, or radios. (We don’t want to take the chance of having them stolen!)
  9. Respect the driver and the bus captain.
  10. Do not exit the bus until given permission to do so.
While on Church Grounds

Note:  You are the responsibility of the Church while on church property.  Our volunteers do an excellent job of watching and protecting you during our services.  It is very important that you help make your stay at First Church safe by listening and obeying those in authority.  Your safety is our number one priority.  Below is a list of things we expect from each one of our youth while on the church property.

  1. You must stay in designated areas. (Youth Building, Fellowship Hall, Parking Lot in front of Youth Building)
  2. Do not go where an adult is not.
  3. Under no circumstances are you to leave the church property unless with a parent or in the bus.
  4. Obey instruction from adults.
  5. No fighting
  6. No cursing
  7. No bullying
  8. Do not disrespect authority
  9. Treat the church property and equipment with respect. (Do not intentionally damage property.)
  10. Listen for adults telling you to transition to class and do it promptly.


Eating Supper

Note:  Volunteers at FFWBC work hard to provide you the opportunity to enjoy a meal before class time.  It is very important that you respect the hard work that these men and women do and be thankful for them.  Below is a list of things we expect you to do when you eat supper at church.

  1. Be neat while eating. Do not leave food on tables or floors.
  2. Throw away your plate and cup.
  3. Do not leave cups in parking lot.
  4. Be courteous to the workers and other people eating with you.
  5. Take care of the ministry center space.
  6. No running or playing in ministry center.


Class Time

Note:  Class time is a time set aside to learn what God has to say from His Word.  The teachers, Bible and volunteers are to always be respected.  We try to make this class time fun and interesting so that you will enjoy learning.  Below is a list of things we expect from all of our youth.

  1. Transition to class time quietly and orderly. Other services are going on at the same time.
  2. Respect the teacher and other adult workers.
  3. Obey authority.
  4. No yelling
  5. No cursing
  6. Bring your Bible.
  7. Listen to the teacher.
  8. No talking while the teacher is talking.
  9. No use of phones while in class.


Dress Code

Note:  The main rule for dress at FFWBC is that one dress modestly, distinctly, and respectfully. We will not try to control your appearance or judge you according to it.  However, if you are a Christian, the Bible clearly describes how men and women are to present themselves.  We want to encourage you to walk after Christ in the manner of modesty, distinction, and respect.  Below is a short list of what we will not tolerate on regular bases from our youth.    

  1. No short shorts. (Must come at least half way down thigh)
  2. No spaghetti strap shirts or tube tops.
  3. No clothing with offensive language.
  4. No clothing that promotes racism, gangs, drugs, or anything else destructive to society.
  5. No low cut shirts or shirts that show midsection.
  6. No sagging.


Discipline for Breaking Rules

  • Infraction of these rules may result in suspension from busses, classes, activities, and/or church.
  • It is the desire of First FWB Church – Dothan that all who are willing is able to come to the services provided and find love, care, and a relationship with Jesus Christ. If a suspension should occur, it will be the result of the student choosing bad behavior over their desire to participate.
  • 1st Offense – A warning will be given and the student informed of what was done wrong and what is expected of them.
  • 2nd Offence – A second warning will be given and the parents will be contacted to make sure they know the student is being disruptive.
  • 3rd Offence – In the case the student comes to church with their parents, the student will not be allowed to come into the youth group gathering. He/She will have to sit with their parents during the entire time they are at church.  The Youth Pastor will talk with the parents to gain insight as to why the child might be continuously acting out.  In the case the student comes to church on the bus and the parent does not attend church, the student will not be picked up the following week for church and the Youth Pastor will schedule a visit with the family to make sure everything is okay and to seek understanding as to why the student continues to act inappropriately.
  • 4th Offence – The student will be suspended for one month. In the case a student accompanies his/her parents to church; he/she will not be allowed to participate in anything with the youth group except Sunday School for the duration of the suspension. If the student is a bus rider, he/she will not be picked up for church or any youth group activities.  Upon arrival back to church they must apologize to the class for their disruptive behavior.
  • 5th Offence – After the 4th offence, disciplinary action will be taken on a case by case basis. The action taken will be either a six month suspension or an indefinite suspension from the church youth group. 
  • It is the desire of First FWB Church – Dothan that in the cases of such disciplinary action reconciliation happens. If the church, parents, and the student can reach an understanding of what is expected of the student when they are on church property, the student could be allowed to return to full participation in the services provided.


It is important to note that none of these rules or disciplinary actions are intended to create a “cookie cutter” student.  We believe that each person is created uniquely by God.  Each student has different qualities and struggles.  God wants to take each student and mold them into His image, not something we create.  These rules are strictly for the safety of the student and to create an atmosphere conducive to learning about Jesus Christ and how He can transform a life.  FFWBC leadership is thankful for your understanding and participation in this area.