Ladies Ministry


Our ladies meet each month for our Women’s Active for Christ.  During this time of fellowship they eat, pray and study the Word of God.  Missions is a key ingredient in this group. The goal of our WAC is to help each lady fulfill the mission of God in their own lives, whether through reaching out to our community locally or assisting missionaries around the globe! The ladies are diligent to pray for our missionaries, keep us updated on the progress and needs of our missionaries and raise money for them.  God has done some great things through this group!  We invite you to join our WAC ladies group this month!



Men’s Ministry


Our men meet each month for our Master’s Men Bible Study.  They also meet to help the community, widows and shut-ins with various projects throughout the year.  Our President sums it up pretty well when he tells people, “Master’s Men is about taking sermons and putting them into action.  It is Christianity with its sleeves rolled up!  Every man can’t preach, teach or sing – however we can all do something and our Master’s Men Program helps men find that “something” that they can do!”


Senior Saints


Our senior adults (we call them “Golden-agers”) are led by Bro. Mack Glass and meet monthly for a time of fellowship and Bible Study.  They eat at their favorite restaurants and go on trips together.  First Church recognizes the importance of fellowship among this group and hope these times are of great encouragement to you!